I get asked regularly how people can protect themselves online and I wanted to create a quick post to help people get started with the basics. There are a lot of really great guides and resources and this is in no way comprehensive, just a couple starting points for people who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn.


When faced with online harassment or abuse people are most concerned about their physical safety, and a good first step is to remove your personal information from data brokers. Here are two reputable paid services for folks who are worried about…

(I’m merging Medium accounts and found this on an old account published on September 15, 2016 and I thought why not save all these delicious gifs)

I recently found myself with some free time in Paris and wondering what I should get up to. During a very early jet lagged morning search of attractions and activities I decided to take a cooking class. Croissants and macaroons were sold out so eclairs it is. Eclairs are amazingly delicious and I’ve had a love affair with them for years so it all worked out.

This looks like scrambled eggs! After the base…

Max Temkin is an abuser.

Theresa Stewart’s story, which she shared on Twitter this past weekend, is just one of many stories I’ve heard recently from a whisper network of acquaintances, friends, and former employees about how abusive the environment at the Cards Against Humanity office is to women, particularly women of colour. Please read Theresa’s thread and then come back to this post.

In addition to stories like Theresa’s, and many others which former employees have been too intimidated to share publicly, there has also been a rape allegation against Max, to which he responded with deflected blame and…

Anita Sarkeesian

Feminist Media Critic & Host // @femfreq // Working to end abuse in the video game industry @gameshotline // Book #historyvswomen

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