I get asked regularly how people can protect themselves online and I wanted to create a quick post to help people get started with the basics. …

(I’m merging Medium accounts and found this on an old account published on September 15, 2016 and I thought why not save all these delicious gifs)

I recently found myself with some free time in Paris and wondering what I should get up to. During a very early jet lagged…

Max Temkin is an abuser.

Theresa Stewart’s story, which she shared on Twitter this past weekend, is just one of many stories I’ve heard recently from a whisper network of acquaintances, friends, and former employees about how abusive the environment at the Cards Against Humanity office is to women, particularly…

Anita Sarkeesian

Feminist Media Critic & Host // @femfreq // Working to end abuse in the video game industry @gameshotline // Book #historyvswomen

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