Quick Tips for Online Safety

I get asked regularly how people can protect themselves online and I wanted to create a quick post to help people get started with the basics. There are a lot of really great guides and resources and this is in no way comprehensive, just a couple starting points for people who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn.


Delete Me (this link will get you 20% off with an affiliate code)


  1. Online SOS empowers people facing online harassment with action plans, guides, and checklists.
  2. C.O.A.C.H will help walk you through locking down your online identity step-by-step and give you direct links to tools and websites that will help you secure yourself.


  1. Cyber Civil Rights Initiative Helpline: If you are a victim of nonconsensual pornography, recorded sexual assault, or sextortion and you reside in the United States, please call the CCRI Crisis Helpline at 844–878-CCRI (2274).

Image by TheDigitalWay from Pixabay

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